5 Tips to sound like a pro during your webinar

Inexperienced virtual presenters get stuck on the audio portion of their program. Here are some tips to make you sound natural and professional:

1. Prepare a script

Prepare a script for each slide of your webinar. This will help you organize your thoughts. Have specific, key points for each slide. Write in crisp, concise language.

2. Do not read from your script

Just because you prepare a script does not mean that you should read from it. Unless you are trained as a radio or TV newscaster, it is likely that you will sound robotic and fake. The preparation step is critical for driving the process behind organizing your thoughts and to help you from getting stuck.

3. Use a conversational tone

Do not try to sound like a teacher or an actor. Be yourself. Imagine you are having a conversation with a friend. It is OK to use contractions and informal language when you give a webinar. For example, you do not need to say, “Good day, ladies and gentlemen…” to start. Instead, just start with, “Hi, everyone…”

4. Avoid slang and profanity

Using informal language does not mean it is OK to use slang, unless of course, you know for a fact that you are presenting to a very select group of people who will understand you. There is also no reason to ever use profanity in your webinars. Ever.

You can be informal and conversational and still be professional.

5. Avoid laughing at your own jokes

A dead giveaway for a nervous or under-confident presenter is one who laughs at his or her own jokes. If you use humor, use it sparingly. Leave a pause after your punch line for the audience to absorb what you have just said. Then move on.

Learning how to present the audio portion of a webinar takes time. The more webinars you do, the better you will become.

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